Self Titled EP

by Les Doux

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released January 6, 2010

Written and Produced by: Les Doux
Album Art by: Matt Guack
Engineered and Mixed by: Michael Freeman

Les Doux is: Chris Evans, Evan Wojtala, and Josh Sullivan



all rights reserved


Les Doux Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Les Doux is from Hattiesburg, MS.

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Track Name: We're All Too Human
I wonder where I'll wander next,
I'm like a bird without a nest,
I'm lost, tangled in regret,
But I tried my best, I tried my best.

Like a song bird you beckoned me in,
You're like a vulture drawn to skin,
My veins are only paper thin,
But they've pulled you in, they've pulled you in.

I know your shape, I know your face,
Your mouths hinged, opened like a grave,
Your skin is oh so very fair,
Your teeth are bared, your teeth are bared.

I am selfish, when I twist your words with ease,
And pull your body in so very close me,
And then we slide between the sheets.

Her voice is an old crows call,
Her arms are barren walls,
I heard her caw three times, before the sunrise.

My hands seem to have intentions of their own,
I know they shape your body takes,
I've counted every bone.

You're puerile when you portray some one you're proud to be.
Though your shape's not estranged to me,
I've grown to tired to flee.

Oh she's a scarlet queen,
Duchess of satin and silk.
Her tongue is a rotten meal,
Her legs spread open like a grave.
Track Name: Picking Pockets
I tried to drive the devils out,
But they weren't having it at all,
I tried to tell them to leave,
But they just make themselves at home,
My ship is sinking in a sea that's filled with all my short comings,
I'm all I didn't want to be,
So you should stay away from me.

I've laid new paths down your crooked spine,
With these hands of mine, these hands of mine.

Like a child runs to its mother, I call to you for help,
And you picked me up, and took me in,
And told me that the world was mine if I'd reach out and take it but,
I just didn't understand,
I followed blindly and devoured every word you said.
And now I lay here, my body broken,
Just like the promises you made to me.

I swear if you forget me, my breath won't stop,
I only pray that you'll remember what our hands have wrought,
If you just think of all the life our bodies have brought,
And a child is a child whether we know it or not.

I kept your voice inside my head,
But it just wouldn't let me rest,
I hide your words inside my ears,
But they began to disappear,
They threw themselves against my teeth,
But I just couldn't let them leave,
Forever in my head they'll shout,
My God, please drive the devils out.
Track Name: Only From The Ground
Brick by brick, and bone by bone,
I built the body I call my own,
And stick by stick and stone by stone,
My ribs like rafters form my home.

And Oh My body preforms the actions,
But they're not one in the same,
Because our actions don't have faces,
And a face is not a name,
Oh my God, he did not rest until he was finished with his work,
And for what it's worth I will not rest until I go back into the dirt.

My parents laid my frame for the man that I should be,
Now they turn their heads away, I'm not what I seem

If the meek inherit the earth, they'll take my body fashioned from dirt.