by Les Doux

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released December 21, 2011

Recorded at SouthCity Studios in Hattiesburg, MS by Adam Weinacker.
Engineered and Co-Produced by Adam Weinacker.
Produced and Co-Engineered by Josh Sullivan and Thian Sumrall.
Art design by Josh Byrd and Josh Sullivan.
All lyrics, music, and other intellectual properties copyrighted and/or registered by and to Les Doux.

We'd like to dedicate "Dialects"
to our brother Emezie-Ezeala Harrison.
Though you're gone, we still carry on, for you.



all rights reserved


Les Doux Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Les Doux is from Hattiesburg, MS.

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Track Name: Interrogative
Was I ever enough
You were my child of dust
Didn't watch you grow
Was it just too much
My child of dust
That your family drove you from home
Is there comfort when you sleep in the street
Does the dirt sing your name as you go to sleep
Is there no one that hears when your home is the road And your hold fast is the sound of your feet as they roam

Where will you go (my son) and how will I know when you get there
How will you know where to roam when home is all you know

Is it the loneliness that roams that unsettled your bones
Is it the loneliness that's rocked you to sleep
That drove you far from your mother's reach

When will you come home to once again be your mother's son
Don't you know I've fallen short and I pray that one day you will forgive me

Did I give you all that I had
Was it just too much
Was I ever enough
Track Name: Declarative
Come, wander, I've left my things behind
You know I've emptied ever bottle, but can't seem to swallow my pride

Stay, longer, I heard my mother cry
But don't you know I've tried, I've tried , I've tried, I've tried,

There's no one to sing me to sleep when I sleep in the streets
There's no where to lay down my head when the door ways my bed
While I rest in the dust, oh my wander lust, oh my wander lust, oh my wander lust,

I'm sorry mother, there was nothing left for me there,
Just my father and sheep, and the shadow cast by your oldest heir,
The people that I meet, they will finally see,
More than a ran just away son, they see only me, only me,

I'm sorry mother, I've got nothing left to give,
Forever second best, that's no way for a boy to live,
My only loyal friend, the road is my true home,
And my hold fast is the sound of my feet as they roam,

I work my hands straight to the bones,
Just to prove that I don't need a home,
My skin is young but my body's old,
I sold my soul and I hit the road,

I have abandoned my home,
For all the filth that I've been shown,
No backbone, no ivory
And the highways is no family
Track Name: Exclamatory
What praise has he earned?
Your youngest son has turned and fled,
No different from the sheep we’ve led.
As if confronted by the gleaming fangs of wolves who crave his very flesh.
But no such hauntings once befell him.
His body belongs buried in the dirt, Your son never labored over this earth.
With out work, how can a man measure his worth?
Kindly stop this madness father,
He deserves no feast of bread and wine.
Surely you know between witless and wise there lies a very thin line.
You have abandoned your home.
Track Name: Imperative
Son you've got to come back
Come back to life again
Son you've got to come back
Back to your family

Be that son of mine
I never taught you to beg
To throw your lot with the dead
And To drown out all your pride
I kept you close to me
To keep you safe from pain
You drew away from me
To sink your teeth in shame
Child you want to be a spirit set free
Abandon the love of your family
My flesh is your flesh
And my bone is your bone

You put this distance between us
And you abandoned your home
You must remember
Don't ever forget
A fathers love
will last you through death

You are everything that I could never be
What made you pack your bags
And just decide to leave

Sell your fathers bones just to fill your gut
Sell your fathers bones just to feel your gut
Sell your fathers bones ground them down to dust
Sell your fathers bones to feed your wander lust

But this my son was dead
But he is home and has come to life again
Come to life again